Examples of Documents to Bring to Consular Interview Beyond the I-864

Attending your consular interview can be very intimidating, but being prepared will help ease the nerves. The documents that are needed varies depending on the type of applicant. The following bullet points narrow down some documents to have prepared for some specific groups, and also for all applicants.

Young Applicants

  • Proof that they are being accompanied by family members   
    • E.g. a written declaration by accompanying adults which states they will care for the child

Elder Applicants

  • Proof of stable health
    • E.g. health records

All Applicants

  • Proof of private health insurance or evidence of how they will pay for healthcare if needed while in the United States
  • Proof of relationship to joint sponsor (the person who is willing to accept legal responsibility of someone’s family member with them) 
    • E.g. birth certificate 
  • If immigrant visa applicant is not related to joint sponsor:
    • Joint sponsor must write a declaration that states 1) their relationship to the immigrant visa applicant and 2) explain their commitment to support the immigrant visa applicant

If Applicable

  • Proof of immigrant visa applicant’s job offer
  • Proof of savings in bank account
  • Copies of any educational certificates, diplomas or anything that proves “employability” or skills
  • List of employment history

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